Health Day at FIS GmbH

Health Day at FIS GmbH in Grafenrheinfeld Focuses on Employee Health



Health is a precious asset - a fact that FIS GmbH in Grafenrheinfeld is aware of as well. For the IT enterprise, it is therefore of particular importance to contribute to the health and contentment of its employees and to show them its appreciation. It is not just employees, but also employers who benefit from active and conscious health-related behavior.


For this reason, FIS organized a health day for its staff within the scope of its corporate health management on November 09, 2018. This day of action focused on “exercise” and “back health” and gave employees the chance to deal more closely with their own health at their workplace. They were given the opportunity, for instance, to have the mobility of different joints measured in degrees and estimated, test their coordination skills in a 5S coordination course and improve their balance system. Topics concerning “back health” were not missed out either on this day. In the theoretical part of the event, lectures on workplace-related back exercises explained the structure of the spine, identified typical muscle strains and encouraged participants to take regular exercise and recovery breaks. Furthermore, the FIS staff learned how they can reduce work-related physical strains. The practical part focused on teaching the employees a back-friendly behavior at their workplaces and on communicating how office workplaces can be structured ergonomically.


For its health day, FIS obtained competent support by the AOK health insurance fund. This cooperation has been existing for several years now, so a commonly organized health day took place for the third time already on November 09, 2018. “With more than 100 active participants, this health day was once again a great success,” Elke Schneider from the FIS HR Marketing team pointed out.



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Jessica Obert
HR Marketing