FIS Pupil Webinar on Website Programming Convinced All Those Involved

The newly designed FIS pupil webinar on website programming offered pupils an exciting alternative for spending their Whitsun holidays.

Due to the Corona crisis, FIS already had to cancel various internal events as well as external trade show visits. At the beginning of May it became evident that the first of two pupil internships could not take place as scheduled either under the present circumstances. To offer the interns an alternative, a free webinar on website programing was spontaneously organized as replacement concept.


During the Whitsun holidays, the two-day webinar took place for three hours in the morning on June 09 and 10, 2020. The participating pupils learned about the basics of HTML and CSS that are required for website programming and that belong to the basic knowledge of each IT professional. In addition to theoretical knowledge transfer, the participants had enough time for solving exercises on their own computer. The feedback of the pupils was entirely positive: “The webinar is a very good action to make us familiar with websites and what is behind and develop a pleasure in experimenting,” says a participant. The FIS employees involved also perceived this online event as positive. “It was a lot of fun organizing the webinar and I’m pleased to hear that the participants’ expectations were met,” says Marco Ziegler, speaker and former FIS trainee.


Moreover, a short survey at the end of the webinar revealed that over one half of the participants would like to learn more about HTML/CSS in the future. “We are pleased to see that this concept was received very positively by the pupils and that we were able to offer an attractive alternative for the internship. It is important for us to give young people an insight into the varied and exciting tasks within the IT environment. So we are all the more happy that the number of webinar participants has even exceeded the available number of internships and that even more potential trainees got an opportunity to participate,” says HR manager Michael Eibisch happily.

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Jessica Obert
HR Marketing