New FIS study program

As from October 01, 2016, a new study program is offered at FIS and the “Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg” (Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University) in Heilbronn: Business Administration Service Management, Consulting and Services with “IT Consulting” as major course.

The study program consists of six semesters focusing on the communication of advanced business methods as well as consulting, sales and social competence by means of teamworking within the IT sector. HR manager Michael Eibisch explains this decision: “In the future, FIS will keep offering system-specific consulting, however with a stronger focus on business consulting.”


The adjustment of the study program to FIS’ strategic orientation has further benefits: the study contents concentrate on SD topics so that not only the consulting departments but also the SD department can be supplied with qualified young professionals. As with the “Business Informatics” dual study program (B.Sc.), knowledge is communicated in small groups with practical orientation and all students come from IT consulting companies or from the IT departments of corporate groups. Workshops, case studies and projects complement the lectures and guarantee a high learning success. The study phases in Heilbronn alternate with practical phases in Grafenhreinfeld, where the theoretical knowledge can be applied in the different FIS user departments. All school leavers with a general qualification for university entrance (“Allgemeine Hochschulreife”) can apply for this study program, yet not for 2016. There will only be one “starter” for 2016 and the corresponding selection procedure has already been completed. Basically, all those interested in business topics and IT and enjoying contact with customers and presentation activities in a consulting or sales environment can apply for this study program.

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Jessica Obert
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