FIS as Main Sponsor of Schweinfurt MainCityRun

Dynamic, precise, emotional – features associated with sports and features FIS stands for.

This is why the FIS management board decided at the end of 2015 to appear as one of the main sponsors for the MainCityRun taking place on April 17, 2016. The reasons for this are obvious: apart from gaining a higher public profile, the participants and event visitors would become aware of FIS as a potential employer. The decision for sponsoring running sport came naturally. Running stands for endurance and motivation: properties that are rooted in the FIS company philosophy. When the running history of FIS started with the participation of 72 FIS/FIS-ASP runners in the WUE2RUN corporate run in Wuerzburg, nobody would think about “sponsoring”. “The feedback of the FIS/ASP runners was so positive that it quickly became clear that we had found the right sport,” remembers Christian Lang, member of the management board. In the following year, employees of FIS/ASP participated in the Schweinfurt MainCityRun. In the end, the decisive factors for sponsoring the MainCityRun were the regional connection to the district of Schweinfurt and the high number of participants of almost 2,000 runners.

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